Wendy Hesketh

Since 1999 Wendy has been running Wired Aerial Theatre with her long standing collaborator Jamie Ogilvie fusing aerial skills with dance, text, theatre and original musical scores.

Wendy and Jamie have created four productions in this time with a pool of artistic collaborators and with commissions from Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, Festival Of Firsts / Linbury Theatre and Dance Northwest.

This residency will allow Wendy the opportunity to pool her interest and experiences to date working in a like-minded venue. She is keen ‘to move mountains, make a noise and put this amazing art form on the map well and truly.’

Wendy trained at the University of Brighton and London Contemporary Dance School and has attended courses at Circelation. She has worked with and for Boilerhouse, De La Guarda, Te Ao Marama Partners, Scarabeus, Dream Engine, Motionhouse Dance Theatre, Heir of Insanity as well as choreographing aerial dance work for Channel 4, at Manumission, for Groove Armada, at Ocean Night Club, and for the premier of Lord of the Rings in Wellington, NZ. She has published articles on aerial choreography and has taught alongside Lea Anderson, Lloyd Newson and Wendy Houston.