Sue Broadway

Sue Broadway

Sue Broadway is a performer, teacher and director of circus and visual theatre who has worked across genres from traditional circus, to theatre, to multimedia, to cabaret.

Amongst other things she was a founding member of both Australia’s Circus Oz and Britain’s Ra-Ra Zoo Comedy Circus. More recently she was the Circus Director for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games and has been appointed Circus Programme Director for Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006.

Sue's workshops examined storytelling models from a number of forms - dance, clown gags, Peking Opera, Fairy stories, T.V. commercials, cartoons etc - and experimented using them to contextualise circus skills. They also explored ways of identifying stories that resonate for each of us, and techniques for expressing these through combining circus skills and other media. They produced a number of short narrative pieces combining circus skills with a range of other techniques.

”think of vaudeville, clowning, and lots of laughs!! One of the most gifted clowns on the international circuit."

Edinburgh Herald 2002