photo: Simon Richardson

Rose English

What makes a good director of circus?

Is it a knack at getting the best from the performers? (what is ‘the best’?).

Is it making a scintillating structure or creating a clever context? (what is ‘a structure’? what is ‘a context’?).

Is it producing a ‘crowd pleaser’? (what ‘pleases’ different crowds?).

Is it pursuing a singular vision against all the odds? (what is a ‘vision’?).

Is it the ability to work well with skilled collaborators like designers, musicians, choreographers, writers, technicians or riggers? (what is ‘collaboration’?).

Is it dealing with the detail but knowing how to hold onto to the big picture? (what is ‘the detail’? what is ‘the big picture'?).

Is it seeing when there is only 30 seconds of good material after working for three weeks and having the courage to jettison everything else?

How do we do any of this well and with grace?

This week long workshop will embrace doubt, daring, tenacity and candour to enable us to make bold choices!

Rose English has been writing, directing and performing her own work for thirty years in venues as various as the Tate Britain; Royal Court, Queen Elizabeth Hall; the Adelaide Festival and Lincoln Center, New York. Her productions feature a diversity of co-performers including musicians, dancers, circus performers, magicians and horses.

As an actress Rose has appeared in a wide range of theatre, film and television productions, working with directors including Richard Jones, Sally Potter, Nic Roeg, Nick Philippou, James Ivory and Neil Jordan. Rose’s talk ‘Synaptic, Cerebral and Seductive Circus’, for Circelation 2000 was a sensation!