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Circelation 2004

Leeds, March-April 2004

The first series of events in our new three-year programme took place in Leeds during March and April 2004. There were 85 participants in all and some great feedback, as well as many inspirational moments! A number of great relationships were forged during the two weeks and we hope to see the results of this programme bear fruit over the next 12-18 months.

Images of Circelation 2004
For all participants of the 2004 programme there are now photos available. Here are some samples:

Photos by Paul Floyd Blake

Photos by Oogoo Maia

Please contact us if you would like to request copies info@circelation.co.uk. A video is also available.

Dick McCaw, director of the International Workshop Festival from 1993-2001, worked alongside Chenine Bhathena and Leila Jancovich to develop a programme led by some of the highest profile directors and trainers/tutors on the International scene.

The programme consisted of:
> two week-long workshops for circus directors
> two week-long workhsops for circus performers
> four weekend workshops for performers

Circelation 2004
Photo: Paul Floyd Blake
"The value of Circelation has been phenomenal - as an opportunity to expand, to grow in confidence, to go on and do other things, to network and perform with other groups, to make changes in my life I'd been wanting to do for years!"
Participant 2004

'Circelation was a very exciting and inspiring event. Thoughtfully organised, it brought together a number of very stimulating teachers and speakers.'

Ron Bunzl (Cloudchamber)