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Circelation 2009

The Astonished Eye :
Theatre on the edge

Led by highly acclaimed international director
Nigel Jamieson

‘Jamieson’s visionary work explores the power of language – political, social, geographical, historical, economic – and compellingly tells real human stories in a 3 dimensional space using dance, theatre, film and acrobatic/aerial circus to explore troubling yet powerful subjects such as physical vulnerability, fragility, isolation, brutalisation and joy.’

Friday 1 & Saturday 2 May 2009
West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

An extraordinary opportunity to work with Director Nigel Jamieson in a two day workshop designed for directors, choreographers, designers, physical performers and media artists interested in exploring the dynamics of live interdisciplinary performance.

Nigel will explore how we capture the thrill, danger, excitement and spectacle of highly physical performance while heightening a sense of theatrical narrative, structural complexity, and emotional intensity. He will explore working in the 3-dimensional space using the walls, ceiling and aerial space above the stage, as well as expanding into new outdoor landscapes, getting us to re-imagine our public spaces, see our cities in new ways and build a sense of our collective shared humanity.

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Queries: hannah@circelation.co.uk

Honour Bound, directed by Nigel Jamieson
Photo: Jeff Busby
'Brings performers together, so that more inspiration is found and tools to develop performances were explored in a variety of ways making it refreshing and stimulating'
Participant 2006