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Circelation Laboratories 2008

Circelation’s Performance Laboratories for 2008 will inspire and enable circus artists to explore storyboarding, new narratives and aerial dance. There will be three different week-long programmes in March and April, taking place in St Albans, Liverpool and Sheffield.

Visualising narrative:
telling stories through bodies in space

Led by Lee Simpson (Improbable)
and Gavin Marshall (New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich)
St Albans, 2 - 6 March 2008

Harnessing performance:
exploring dancing in the air

Led by Brenda Angiel (Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance, Argentina) Developed with Wendy Hesketh (Contact, Manchester)
Liverpool, 10 -15 March 2008

Pushing boundaries:
building content into circus

Led by Hilary Westlake
Sheffield, 16 - 20 April 2008

Find out How to book. Make sure we have your up to date contact details - just email us on info@circelation.co.uk.

'In Conversation'

A panel discussion exploring the nature of aerial dance.
Liverpool, 11 March 2008

Associate Circus Directors Award

A new Associate Circus Directors Award was launched in January 2007 in association with Contact Theatre, Manchester, York Theatre Royal and New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich. This programme runs through 2007/08.

Circelation 2006
Photo: Paul Floyd Blake
'Brings performers together, so that more inspiration is found and tools to develop performances were explored in a variety of ways making it refreshing and stimulating'
Participant 2006