photo: Sheila Burnett/
Improbable Theatre

Phelim McDermott

Space is real. Nowhere is this clearer than in the heightened reality of theatre where it exists pregnant with stories. It is our relationship to space that defines our nature as a performer. It is the space between ourselves and our fellow performers which reveals the unspoken aspects of our being.

Space is real. It connects us to the objects and environment we move within on stage. Can it contain emotion? Can we learn to interact with it so that it is as tangible as that of any performer?

These are some of the ideas and questions we’ll examine in the workshop which will be both challenging and fun. Be prepared to improvise, take risks and be comfortable with silence.’

Phelim McDermott is best known as the actor and co-director of Improbable Theatre with whom we has created the award winning 70 Hill Lane, Lifegame, Animo, Spirit, Sticky and (with Julian Crouch) Shockheaded Peter and, most recently, The Hanging Man.