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Weekend workshops for performers

Led by four of Europe’s most influential artists, each one having created their own approach to making/presenting contemporary performance. These workshops were a rare chance to gain first hand experience of their working practices.

Lucy Bailey (1-2 April)
Lucy is a leading British director, having worked across the board from Theatre and Opera to Music Theatre. Lucy explored how you can create highly visual material, combining story telling with physical dynamism and visually intriguing imagery. more...

Lee Simpson (1-2 April)
Lee is a founder member of Improbable. Lee's workshop focused on creating and developing a narrative through improvisation. more...

Lemn Sissay (8-9 April)
Lemn is a poet, playwright and broadcaster. Lemn took participants through from the beginning to the end of some of the processes that he himself uses to write and perform. more...

Rose English (8-9 April)
Rose has been writing, directing and performing her own work for thirty years. This weekend workshop embraced doubt, daring, tenacity and candour to enable participants to make bold choices. more...

The Saturday sessions finished with a 'Soirée' where participants ajoined us for dinner with subject for discussion and selected guests.

Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 April 2006
Saturday 8 - Sunday 9 April 2006
Full time Intensive Courses

Course only + 1 evening meal £125

Circelation 2005
Photo: Paul Floyd Blake
‘Circus is a unique form of live performance in which there are no rules. The integration of new ideas or artistic expressions (dance, theatre, video, design) is essential in order to create good contemporary work and to stimulate the emotions.
Pierrot Bidon