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Circelation 2004
Week-long workshops for performers

These week-long workshops were designed for artists working across the full spectrum of the circus arts.

Avner Eisenberg has learned from his forty years of performance throughout the world that performance is about the most basic thing of all - establishing a live connection with the audience. more...

Following each day's workshop there was a feldenkrais wind down with Joan Winter, followed by a lively discussion - a veritable feast for body and mind!

The days ended with an evening talk:
Monday 29 March - Dick McCaw
Tuesday 30 March - Free
Wednesday 31 March - Tim Etchells (Forced Entertainment)
Thursday 1 April - Avner Eisenberg

Monday 29 March - Friday 2 April 2004

9am-6pm (Mon-Fri) & 7pm-8.30pm (Tue-Fri)

£200 (£350 with room-only accommodation)

Leeds University and Student Union

Circelation 2004
Photo: Paul Floyd Blake
'It is great to see people prepared to sit in the difficult place (in my opinion), that's where good work really happens.'
Phelim McDermott,
Tutor 2004