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Circelation 2005
Week-long workshops for performers

Week-long workshops designed for artists working across the full spectrum of circus theatre.

Debra Batton, Artistic Director of Legs On The Wall, explored how we can use our bodies to tell stories by creating visual pictures, that are emotive, physical, sensual and at times full of humour. More ...

We regret that Mathieu Prawerman suffered a serious injury and was not able to participate. Participants were offered the chance to transfer to Debra Batton or a refund.

Each evening there will were 'Soirées' - Circelation hosted evening meals with themed discussion and invited guests.

Monday 4 – Friday 8 April 2005

Leeds University and Student Union

Circelation 2005
Photo: Paul Floyd Blake
'How does the performer take possession of the performance space?

How does he or she make connection with the audience?

How does the performer bring the performance space to life? '

Avner Eisenberg,
Tutor 2004