Pierrot Bidon

Pierrot Bidon is a leading figure in the ‘new circus’ revolution, which kicked off in the late 80’s with his anarchic troupe Archaos.

His work as an artist and director has influenced a whole generation of artists not just in circus but across all art forms.

‘Circus is a unique form of live performance in which there are no rules. The integration of new ideas or artistic expressions (dance, theatre, video, design) is essential in order to create good contemporary work and to stimulate the emotions. I believe that the essence of all good work is to be found in the performance, in the physicality, originality and inventiveness, poetry and humour. I enjoy the clash of cultures (eg heavy metal with Greek Myth). I use rhythm/fast beats in all my work alongside layers of imagery and strong use of contrast to switch emotions, like a film score.’

Pierrot will explore the creation of quality stimulating work focussing on how we can surprise and shock through invention and craft.