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Introduction from Chenine Bhathena

2005/6 has been a very exciting year for artists working within live performance fusing theatre, dance and circus. We have seen many British artists and companies making the headlines, including No Fit State Circus at the Edinburgh Festival, the prolific and inventive Company F.Z, the striking animations of Scarabeus, the emerging Bass Line Circus and Matilda Leyser, Gifford’s delightful circus, the mesmerising Gravity & Levity, and the wealth of other British artists that are continuing to develop their work in collaboration with other artists in the UK and Internationally. Keep up the good work.

The last in Circelation's three-year programme for 2004-6, 'what’s the story', was a series of laboratories which aimed to inspire participants to explore themes and narratives, and to discover how you can develop these in their work. The emphasis of circus peformance has always been on the visual aesthetic and the physical embodiment of skill, but over the past ten years a number of British artists using circus skills have broken free and begun to cross art forms. They have often brought a stronger narrative into their performance – not necessarily spoken or linear - and explored how this can strengthen and inform their work. Circelation 2006 took this exploration further, in collaboration with some of the most inspiring, inventive and imaginative artists working in performance across the world today.

Circelation 2006 was a unique opportunity to play with new forms, to network with international artists, and to be a contributing part of this ever growing sector of British performance.

Chenine Bhathena
Artistic Programmer

Circelation 2006
Photo: Paul Floyd Blake
'The opportunities to work with leading artists from the world of contemporary theatre are few and far between, so grab this with both hands'
Chenine Bhathena