This Imaginary Woman
Volcano Theatre

Fern Smith

Fern is a co-founder and one of the two Artistic Directors of Volcano Theatre Company. Since its inception she has been a core performer, director and teacher with the company.

Fern's roles for Volcano have included Medea in Medea SexWar, Lady Macbeth in Macbeth – Directors Cut and Amanda in Private Lives. She has worked as a freelance performer with the Charnock Company, featured in Film Four’s film of Tony Harrison’s Prometheus and in Steven Berkoff’s Messiah. She has directed projects for Oxford Youth Theatre, Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and Trafford Tanzi for The Network. Her most recent projects include This Imaginary Woman, a collaboration with musician/songwriter Patrick Fitzgerald and as co-director on The Most Excellent & Lamentable Tragedy of (Romeo and Juliet).

Participants spent the week working with Dance of Death by August Strindberg. This provided a structure and a springboard for developing responses to working with an existing text. There were also be opportunities to embellish or counterpoint this with more personal material. Participants worked physically, imaginatively, absurdly, openly – diving into themselves and wrestling with Strindberg – finding ways of re-inventing the play.

”Volcano has been a treasure because of its ability to physicalise not just feelings but also thought, and use text with rare intelligence”

The Guardian