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Circelation 2004
Week-long workshops for directors

Perhaps 'workshops’ isn’t the best word to describe this week’s activities. Two internationally renowned directors each acted as mentors for four directors who regularly make work in circus.

Mladen Materic founded Theatre Tattoo in his home town of Sarajevo before moving to Toulouse in 1991. more ...

Rose English writes, directs and performs her own work in venues in Britain and around the world. more ...

Each workshop had circus performers who worked with the directors. The working day was broken into three different moments:

Rehearsals: each director worked with a number of performers on a short performance piece.

Showings: the performance piece was shown to the entire workshop group.

Discussion: the performance was critiqued, general problems arising from the performances discussed, and then tasks set for the following day’s performances.

Rounding off the day were evening talks for both groups:
Monday 22 March - Dick McCaw
Tuesday 23 March - Mladen Materic
Wednesday 24 March - Mark Foley (BFF Architects)
Thursday 25 March - Rose English

Monday 22 - Friday 26 March 2004

9am-6pm (Mon-Fri) & 7pm-8.30pm (Tue-Fri)

£200 (£350 with room-only accommodation)

Leeds University and Student Union

Circelation 2004
Photo: Paul Floyd Blake
'miraculous shifts have taken place, which are totally surprising. Thinking about oneself as a Director and the work of other directors and exploring what choices they make. It is very exciting to see it. Formally, aesthetically, philosophically ... It can be lonely in the company of performers.'
Director Participant, 2004

‘Space is a device, an instrument, and not a place of theatre action. Form, dimension, position, direction, surfaces, and volume are as much the performer’s expressive means as gestures or words.’

Mladen Materic