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Circelation 2005
Week-long workshops for directors

Laboratories is probably the clearest way to describe this week-long course. John Wright and Rose English each acted as mentors for up to eight directors.

John Wright is a co-founder of Trestle Theatre and Told By An Idiot. more ...

Rose English writes, directs and performs her own work in venues in Britain and around the world. more ...

There were a number of stages to each day:

i) Warm-ups: all participants gathered together first thing in the morning to warm-up and prepare for the working day ahead.

ii) Rehearsals: each director worked with performers on a short performance piece.

iii) Showings: the performance piece was shown to the entire workshop group.

iv) Discussion: the performance was critiqued, general problems arising from the performances were discussed and then tasks set for the following day’s performances.

v) Soirées: Circelation hosted evening meals with invited guests.

Monday 10 – Friday 15 April 2005
Full time Intensive Course

Course + 3 evening meals £250 (no accommodation)
Course with 5 nights accommodation/breakfast + 3 evening meals £400

Leeds University, Student Union & Yorkshire Dance Centre

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Circelation 2005
Photo: Paul Floyd Blake
'What makes a good director of circus? Is it a knack at getting the best from the performers? Is it making a scintillating structure or creating a clever context? Is it producing a ‘crowd pleaser’? Is it pursuing a singular vision against all the odds?'
Rose English