Debra Batten

Debra is Artistic Director of Legs On The Wall, Australia’s leading physical theatre company.

Legs On The Wall are renowned for their startling no holds barred approach to fusing daring acrobatic and aerial skills with strong, emotional theatre. The company tell stories by incorporating acrobatics, dance, aerial and circus skills into new frameworks and theatrical adventures.

In this laboratory Debra will explore the creation of movement through gesture and everyday actions, making surprising connections between physical action and thoughts, feelings or ideas, and discovering a useful and more lateral approach to making scenes. By engaging with the limitations of their own bodies, participants will learn how to adapt themselves to situations outside of their comfort zones, taking risks, experimenting. Debra aims to build an understanding of how participants can react both rationally and instinctively with their bodies and voices, developing a complex appreciation of the way that the group (and people in general) interact.

This week-long laboratory will provide individuals with a personal and experimental insight into their own bodies, their intuitions, and the tools needed to harness such elements in making contemporary physical theatre.