photo: Jenny Potter

Cal McCrystal

'This workshop is open to anyone who wishes to attend. A lot of people are funnier than they think – but not for reasons they would like. I believe that clowning forms the basis of all good performing, because it is the simplest and most truthful part of yourself.’

Cal McCrystal has worked for the past twenty years as an actor and director, most recently as Comedy Director for Cirque de Soleil, and has scored countless hits in Britain with companies such as Spymonkey, Peepolykus and the Boosh.

The press have been unanimous in their praise for Cal's work, the Times critic admitting that he ’nearly died laughing’ at Spymonkey’s Stiff. The Independent claims he is ‘The brains behind some of the funniest theatre in Britain’ and the Evening Standard observes that it ‘Seems like Cal McCrystal can't direct a show without it turning into a hit’.

Cal's productions have won both a Total Theatre Award and a Perrier.