photo: Warren S. Wetura ©2001

Avner Eisenberg

This workshop is designed to address the most basic element of performance – presence.

How does the performer take possession of the performance space? How does he or she make connection with the audience? How, through this connection with the audience, does the performer bring the performance space to life? These are the simplest, most basic of questions, but the most difficult to answer.

After years of working as a solo clown and performer, and through studying Aikido, Avner will lead a workshop addressing these questions. The workshop will be of interest to any artist working in the Circus Arts.

Avner (AKA Avner the Eccentric) was once arrested in Paris – where he studied with Jacques Lecoq - ‘for buffoonery’. Over the past thirty years Avner has played the fool at countless comedy and arts festivals across the world - The Edinburgh Festival (where he was nominated for the Perrier Award) the Montreal International Comedy Festival, the New York Clown Theatre Festival, and twice at the London International Mime Festival.

Avner recently won a special jury award at The International Festival du Cirque in Monte Carlo. Variety describes how ‘he creates a strong sense of rapport with his audience, reacting to, and playing off anything that happens: a crying child, a late arrival, a loud cough, can be instantly worked into the routine, and in some cases the unsuspecting individual may find him or herself roped in as part of the show’.